INTERVIEW / Inspiring and being inspired.

Tell us about yourself. Where did you grow up?
I grew up in Valinhos City, São Paulo State - Brazil. I’ve been playing music since I was about 15 years old,
and I started off playing drums. I’m interested in a lot of different types of music, Progressive, Alternative and Heavy Metal.

What type of music inspires or influences you?
Well, my favorite is Tool. They are awesome. My dream is to feel a live concert some day.
Dream Theater, Rush, Snarky Puppy, Joh Butler Trio, Dave Matthews Band are always in my playlist.


How did you heart about the instrument?
In 2007 I was looking for new instruments on youtube, then I saw a street musician playing the HandPan and just blow my mind, 
the melody and purity of sound, without any equipment really made me love at first sight.




Since you started with drums, what made you want to switch over to the handpan?
 I wanted to be able to express myself through melodies. 
I apply the drums techniques and differents rhythms on the HandPan, but the drummer soul is still here!

Phelipe; what brought you together with Edson Alves (drummer)?
Edson’s the best musician I’ve ever met. He is my drum teacher since the begin of my music career. More then 15 years of friendship.
Musically, we can just lock in and we just know what to do. It’s very nice playing new music ideas, he always push the band forward.

Edson Alves, How was the drumming composition of the new album?
During my whole careers I have been play different music styles, this invitation was a pleasure to create and develop interesting drum parts.
The match of modern techniques like double bass style and latin elements such as clave, cascara and Brazilian samba brings a super taste for this new album.


Bruno Piapara, How was the bass process of composition? 
We wrote like we used to. We had a great time to hanging out. Phelipe always give me space to put my ideas and and harmony that the way it is.
I always want to be responsible for changing the way the bass is played today, especialy with a HandPan together.

What are the songs you are recording now about?
The album is a big influence of different rhythms, from samba and bossa nova to rock and drum 'n bass style.
I wanted to give a new taste of the Hang within a band, putting heavy metal, reggae, pop and samba song together, a world music, with a Brazilian hint.

How was the HandPan process of compositions?
I reach a new level with the new album, cause the all new compositions are sophisticate, and make a live performance be a difficult challenge.
To create the new songs, Its takes a step forward/ahead pushing myself to play in a different way, sometimes phrasing with the right hand, sometime the left hand. 
Like the piano or guitar I started to see the Hang like others instruments, melodically, that’s my approach.

What are the band plans for 2016?
Take my music to the four corners of the world!
We planned a tour through Europe, North America and Asia in the beginning of the year. 
I hope you could see our live performance, playing the "PARADIGM SHIFT" songs.

VIDEOS / Recording Session

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